Hello everyone, welcome to my Wattpad page! ✨

My pen name is Lea, I'm a twenty-two year old writer and artist.

This 2020 my goal as an artist is to draw/do art improving activities for 1 hour every day. My Instagram is @ LeaDibuja I have a 200+ day streak :) Feel free to check it out!

✍🏼 As a writer my goal is to complete the NaNoWriMo website challenge of 50k words of my novel in 30 days. (Update, I completely this back in January! But that story still needs work.)

Now I'm working on publishing ANYTHING. I've been a writer for YEARS and never published anything out of fear. So now it's f-that. Imma do what I want!! And yet... 😂

Shameless plug: read my chaos one published, comment, follow, and don't forget to check out my art!! Lol. Thank you. ♥️
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