Hi @ZimblerMiller.
          I've really enjoyed your story The Upheaval.. and am looking forward to reading The Mother Siege!!
          BUT I'am Curious As To When The Upheaval will be completed??
          I'd like to continue on to the following story afterwards (The Mother Siege) but I would reeeeally like to finish part 1 before moving onto part 2.
          Is There Somewhere I Can Purchase These Two Stories Instead??
          Please, do let me know!
          You're a great writer and I'am dying to find out what happens next!!!
          ~Patiently Awaiting For The Completion of The Upheaval...


Can you please update the mother siege soon?


Finally a new chapter: Chapter 22 of dystopian thriller THE MOTHER SIEGE on Wattpad


Thank you so much for this encouragement.  I have been thinking about it and yet I'm involved in other writing projects.  I will try to add a chapter within the next few days just for you.


Hi@ZimblerMiller thanks for sharing The Mother Siege! I love dystopian books! Look forward to reading yours