@Zerostion i am not as popular as you so I was hoping you would take a story off my mind if you want to take a  look at it say yes, sure etc. if not then say no, nope and etc.


._. I came in to check what's happening to the female Pacific rim kaiju x reader story from Sebastian since well it's been months i just want to know what's going on


How about.....fem fnaf x male reader? Since MatPat has just solved, or at least as close to solved as anyone can get, the series and it's timeline


Thanks for the follow! Im thanking you since im new to wattpad, Plus im a bit suprised to get followed by a guy with 429 followers, Anyways, Thanks Again!  Peace - ScribbleLeLoner Or should i say ThePotatoeOfAwesumz (Old Name) =3=


tis fine