An incredibly lazy hobbyist writer who spends more time reading than actually writing.

Rest assured that, should I ever feel up to the challenge of writing an entire book, I'll only ever publish it here after it's fully finished, because I'm pretty sure it'll be at least a few years 'till said book is completed with how I tend to write only when I'm incredibly bored and have nothing else to do. So I promise that the updates to this -- for now entirely hypothetical -- book will not be sporadic.

I've a profound weakness for good fantasy/action stories, ones where the main plot doesn't revolve around the romance and/or sexual tension between the main characters. I'm not picky, it's just that I tend to slobber (metaphorically) all over books that just happen to have good -- and believable -- characterisation, good writing, solidly built plot and setting with romance only treated as a bonus. And I will obsess over the book for a month at least. More, if it's particularly good.

I haven't read through all the books in my reading list, by the way -- I just like to collect all the promising stories first before going through every single one of them and keeping the ones I like. And some of them are books I'd liked when I was 13, and I'm now 19 (so don't judge me too badly for what I've put in my reading list, is what I'm saying).

Ehm, sorry, I rambled. A bit.

Anyway, my current profile is probably useful only if you want to look through my reading list to see if there would be anything you'd like. Otherwise, um, thanks for visiting and maybe you'd be interested in what I might write once inspiration strikes me....?

Well, good day to you all! :D


(Extra info for anyone interested: I'm Korean, I'm currently addicted to BBC Sherlock, I love gadgets and new technology, I have a sweet tooth but I hate having sugar/milk/cream/etc. in my coffee or tea)
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