HI PEOPLE THAT ARE READING THIS! I'm bad at making descriptions. 
Okay, so, I don't have a certain genre I usually write in. I also don't have a life, so I'll be very active. I'm trying to find ways to improve my writing, so constructive criticism would be great.
Aside from writing, I also love drawing, animating, cosplaying, and watching YouTube. The kind of music I listen to is... well I don't know. Basically whatever I like. But I guess I've mostly been listening to rock lately.
I have a YouTube channel, but it has nothing to do with wattpad or my stories. Same with Twitter and Instagram. My DeviantArt has some pictures I did of scenes or characters relating to my stories. My Instagram has picture of some drawings and my friend and I cosplaying. Plus some random stuff.
Well I think that's enough of this boring description.
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