Dear you,

I have been away for quite some time so I think it's time I updated this site. My name hasn't changed but I have aged up to 19 (old). I haven't been writing stories much and that has actually made me sad but I have some time to spare now so I'm back! I have dropped film making (wish I could say it was put on hold) and am quite taken with napping, dancing and cooking. Hey, I still read a lot so that hasn't changed! =D

If you fanned me, or voted for any of my stories or even commented honest comments on my stories, then I thank you! xD <3

Also, here's a complimentary imaginary giraffe. >:)
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Zazzyness Zazzyness 4 years ago
Hi, y'all! I shall upload 'All The Cliches' tonight. Woot! The first chapter! xD
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Description: Aiden Ames. The tall, handsome, mysterious man with a past. Equipped with a mission that will test everything he knows in a job. Anya. The outspoken girl with a good cause pushing her forward. Down with...


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