Barely reading, barely breathing,
Barely writing, barely living,
Hopes of a time forgotten,
Forgotten how to hope.

This is how I feel nowadays with work and classes. I can't complain because if the others could still read, write, work and go for classes, then so can I.

I just need to start.

I have been on Wattpad for quite some years. I am still working on the book I started three years ago, yet to reach the halfway mark but surely it will be finished. There are days when I do have time, I would go on Wattpad and read some of my old stories. I felt like I was reading a stranger's work. Times have changed and so have I.

I hope for the better though. Continuously improving, I hope to come up with new chapters for the stories I left hanging on here.

If you've read any of my work, here's an imaginary giraffe. If you imagine it right, it's cutest darn giraffe you've ever seen.


Captain Zayn
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Zazzyness Zazzyness Dec 13, 2011 01:59PM
Hi, y'all! I shall upload 'All The Cliches' tonight. Woot! The first chapter! xD
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