Heyy guys ;) 

Itz me Zani and Im here to tell u about me!! Im 13 and Im turning 14 next Sundae :3 Im a secret agent like Perry the Platypus and Im here to beat that dude in the science coat's ass xD
I love to read and write so check out my stories.And please vote and comment :]

Im Scene but dont judge me because I punch hard and I will kick your virtual ass xD
Music is my life.'Nuff said. I would rather give up tv then to not have music.Im sorry Spongebob and Adventure Time ^-^
I love all my fans they are like family to me ❤

My favorite color is purple and black(; i wish i was a purple panda =P I havent found true love yet but I do crushes.

Life is like a game
The time of our life
We have our ups and downs
But we stay sane
Until the end of the game

By : Me •_• :3

Dont be afraid to press the Become Fan button :] I do fan back and I will answer your messages and comments on my book.

••• Love You ✌ Peace Out
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    in my magical land <3
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Zanix3 Zanix3 May 04, 2012 11:43PM
Can you guys please vote for my story?
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Description: Deliah Henry has been in a relationship with Alex for about a year now and is enjoying life until Rein,his best friend,comes back from New York and Deliah thinks Rein wants to be with Alex so she keeps her gua...


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