I'll get straight to the point, hello.
I play the piano, I'm an artist, sometimes I question my sexuality.
And I like anime.
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Stories by Zan
All For Her (Nalu)  by Zan_Droid
All For Her (Nalu) Fanfiction
(Nalu) FAIRYTAIL FANFICTION Completed! Don't forget to: Vote, comment and whatever Disclaimer: I do not own fairytail or any of it characters, I do own this plot though. That said enjoy the book!
Justice or Vengeance by Zan_Droid
Justice or Vengeance Fanfiction
Can a war filled with vengeance really be seen as justice? Seek out the truth but beware What can be seen by the eye can be deceiving It is only with the heart that one can see clearly. In a world where humans are...
In honor of His Love by Zan_Droid
In honor of His Love Fanfiction
The whole gang help Happy host a party in honor of his love for Carla! But this is FairyTail we're talking about. Really think it's gonna be all tea parties and cake? A (Cappy) FairyTail FanFiction One Shot (comple...
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