Since a lot has changed in the last two months, I suppose I should update this.

My name is Zion, I'm a retired political journalist living in the Middle East with my partner Áine, daughter Charlie, two dogs -an Irish Setter and a Rottweiler- a lazy fluff ball of a cat and an African Gray Parrot. (I have my money on the parrot dying first, that cat is bloody evil.)

Now that I have officially ended my journalism career I've decided to focus on my writing, so certainly no more half edited, two minuet flashes of junk. I lost a lot of my previous writing- an epic vampire story and half a novel- so it's basically a clean slate from here on out.

I have a deplorable memory so if I forget anything, my apologies. I don't mind reading other peoples work so post away, I prefer if you kept the requests in my inbox though.

I'm currently going through a faze of laziness, probably brought on by the fact that my phone is completely and utterly silent and the only thing interesting in our apartment is the crappy internet connection and movie repeats on TV.
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