It’s been a long few months! In between work and several spats of illness (airports!), I wasn’t left with a lot of time for Wattpad.
          	As an apology, I’be posted all the final chapters of THE PSYCHIC WITHIN (yes, that means it’s done) plus the first part of the final book THE PSYCHIC LEGACY.
          	Unfortunately I won’t be updating regularly for the next bit. The summer is always busy for me (work trips and weddings keep me away from home) so I’ve decided to just throw in the towel and take a proper hiatus. I’ll be back posting in September! Don’t miss me too much. 


@YvetteRussell i miss you :'(


@YvetteRussell any updates on The Psychic Legacy?


I’ve just come back on here for the first time in forever. I just finished The Psychic Within. I cant wait to see more of  The Psychic Legacy! I love your stories so much! I hope you’ve been having/have a great summer! 


Haven’t been on in a while but I just wanted to say I love you’re writing! I can’t wait for more on the Psychic Legacy. I hope you’re doing well Yvette! 


Hey.. Just wanna say The psychic series is beyond amazing.. You r a very talented amd awesome writer.. Keep writing and stay blessed ❤
          And plshhh update soon.. Whenever u r free ❤
          Take care ❤


Damn....I can't wait for The Psychics Legacy to he updated....I want to know where the story goes...Plzz do post soon. And I really hope The Psychic Within is published so I could have my  own copy


Cant wait for you to start posting in September i really wanna c how the last book the physic legacy ends i love the first two books❤️❤️❤️❤️