Hallu! I might sound weird but I can't help myself on being so touched and amazed with such wonderful work of yours! Your
          "Au Sans x Reader one shots" got me so bad :'-) so I made sumtin for u ^w^
          I stumbled upon your story,
          and started to read it curiously
          I read a chapter from it and
          I made my emotions lit
          I found one interesting title on the contents list,
          I read and it was the first ever writing to make me cry in just a click.
          I continued furthermore from one... to two... to three...
          Now I totally cried but filled with unexplainable glee.
          I got so impressed on how you writers write
          For you make us people read with delight
          I was so caught by your work deeply inside
          For even I've only read few chapters but It got me so satisfied!
          Because of that, you deserve a lot of love, follow and like
          You really should have it and I hope your doing alright ^-^
          Mah  gawd!  I look forward to ur future other works you would create


Hello? Are you alright? Your readers seem to be worried about you? I am too but I just started to read your books so I don't have a deep connection unlike your other readers.


Hey, are you okay? Last thing I heard from you was as that hurricane Irma was coming to where you live and now I’m worried


Heya, I know you've probably gotten a lot of things like this, but gotta say, THESE DANG BOOK YOU MAKE ARE 10/10! You put the reader on an emotional roller coaster bc they feel connected with the characters! Well, that may just be me BUT STILL! JESUS GIRL! Anyway~ have a good day