Currently 15. A carefree & laconic girl.

Pleasee if you want to follow me, be sure to check my works? I beg of you, gentlemen and ladies
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Yupinaxx Yupinaxx 5 months ago
Um hello everyone? I want to ask for a favor. So I'm a Muslim and I really really really want to get to know other Muslims here. Especially from other countries. I'd love to talk about how does being...
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As It Ticks

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Description: One peaceful morning, Akihisa Yamato, an ordinary 17 years old, got a phone from police, suspecting his innocence in a recent bombing case.


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Smile [abandoned]

Smile [abandoned]

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Sorryy but this is my really really late work so it's as bad as hell. I'll be embarassed if you read it...

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