Me: Oh you, Hey!

You : Uh me?

Me: Yes you, The one reading this .Welcome.

You:Welp, Thanks.
You wanna say anything?

Me : Yea, You are Beautiful, And you are the only one who needs to know that.

You: *Blushes
and hides into a corner*


Ohk i am done creeping you out. 😂😂😂

( its cringy but i love it so its gonna stay)

It's just what i wanted to say .
( it's really late)


Fun Facts :

Hello The introduction above told you a LOT about me( that is the 'Oh so amazing humour I have') .

other things :

I am a teenager (16) , so am a huge mess. Have basic insomnic problems at night. Srsly no joke, it's 2 :06 am rn.

Groups i love
Main: BTS
Others: Treasure
Alec Benjamin
Stray Kids

Taken by @jaykayOo

I am a jungkookie bias turned OT7.

I can be a really emo kid so please bare with me.

Wanna have some Awkward Conversations?
You are most welcome in my humble abode.
( that's the DM,not my home ..... Pathetic attempt for a joke)

MBTI personality: INTP-A

( Any intps out there? I... Ammm.... Lonely...

And yes Meowing is a way of talking atleast for me

Sun ( Hobi) sign : Pisces

( BTW pisces and virgo are really compatible 😂😂😂 joking) .

By the way, You can call me Martian. ( Or Salien).

That's My nickname.

And any random Person Out there who ever cared to read this 'Idkwhatthisis' thingy.

You are cute.
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