I want to die but I live for anime and for the few other people that actually genuinely love and care for me. I need a hug but I doubt anybody would be willing to feed, love, and care for me daily. I'm as single as a pringle and happy, yet dead on the inside. I need a life and a job right now so I can buy animu merch but I'm too lazy for that and high school is killing me. The only animes I care for now are Magi, Haikyuu!!, Shokugeki no Soma, Touken Ranbu, and BNHA (dekubowl is life man).
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Anime x reader REQUESTS ARE OPEN NOW by Yuki_Takido
Anime x reader REQUESTS ARE OPEN NOW Fanfiction
I'll do lemons when I feel brave enough to publish them and won't cringe at the terrible job I did. I'll take any request and if I don't know the anime or the character, I'll check out the anime just because I'm a...
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