Well, I'm not much of a story writer. I prefer personal essays and newsletters, cause I'm former Editor - in - Chief of our school paper. Anyway, I'm a bookworm and I have fun reading. 
Right, so I've posted a story, Odd Seven Out. Please read! Comment, Vote and Fan! Thank you! If anyone needs an editor, I'll can be of help. Thanks!
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YourMysteryGirl YourMysteryGirl May 13, 2011 12:58PM
@xxmajaine Uh, its fun to bring out that red pen and slash those errors, but its kinda tiring, every now and then. But, i'm just confused on how to start a story. Thanks, anyway. 
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Odd Seven Out

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Description: What happens if seven different worlds collide together? And what if, due to the impact of the crash, everything changes, even their fate? Or maybe that's not right. Maybe they are destined to be together. But...