@scarletlennon honestly I've been really busy with work but I am updating it soon (: I pinky promise!


Hi! Author, I hope you can update the soonest because I really love it. Thank you & More power.....


I really like your books and I think your stories are amazing but some of the spelling could use some improvement (although your stories are great). So I was wondering if you would like me to edit them for you, I would be more than happy and I would really enjoy it. 


Just curious if you're looking for someone to edit your work? The spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes? Im totally interested


hi i love your writing and i was wondering when you are going to update 'could it be' ? 


Hi you are a great writer and i have read all of your books. My favorite books are my alpha mate rejects me and could it really be? I was eonfering if you could update could it really be because it is an amazing book so far


Hey can you help me by giving advice of how too make my account big and like that I would really appreciate it