Alaska ze great iz zoing zer bio. Too annoying? Yeah I'll stop

Shall we start?

Sean's British/Irish. Yes. He has a fucking sexy accent. If you wanna "Have a spot o' tea madame", try harder :P jk

Red is a straight up dickhead. Caution, he tends to be sarcastic at times. Yep, he's Full time Brit and part time jackass

Isaac's FilAm. He's the sweetest. He can list down a thousand reasons why you're pretty but can't write his own bio *sighs*

Nate likes.. Wait no.. Loves food. He's 3/4 Irish and British, obviously the remaining part. He's adorable :> Like a teddy

Gabe is Half "Oi, have tea with me" and half "anyeong!". Did I say that right? No? Oh well. He's also a smartass

Zack's a hybrid of many nationalities. He's cute and he's bi. Don't like it? Go fuck yourself.

Augustus, Augustus, Augustus. Tsk.. call him Gus for short. it's easier. so he'r Red's brother. He doesn't talk much either ( @Richy_Rich -Separate account)

Troy's Sean's cousin. He's like Zack. a hybrid. He's fun and outgoing but well.. he's a heartbreaker ;) jk. he breaks them unintentionally @ThatStupidBastard

just PM them and tell them who you wanna talk to :P

@Beautiful_Creaturesx Sammy's my cuppy cake -Isaac
Alaska The Great is found

@Smile_B_Happy @JSedrano -sister so don't mess with them

@dancingbluesky is Lance's Lil sis and Henry's Aoi

@StopLookListen Henry's twin lol

@foodfightwith_niall @LarrysBaby_1D r close friends

@RandomBastards Cool Peepz. (Sure enough, Dallas will win "Most Douchey" award lol)

@arianaxo the most sweet lass we have ever met :)

@crystal16 She's a nice girl. Hurt her Isaac will shove a bottle to ur butthole and Red will kill u
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