Welcome to my Wattpad page! I write whatever stories pop into my head. Two of my novels are over halfway to completion while one I've just started writing. I hope to finish at least one of them by the end of this year. Thank you for checking them out, and I'd love to hear any feedback!

Happy reading. :)
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YourBestNightmare YourBestNightmare Sep 01, 2015 03:49PM
So, I have not given up on Hello, Dreamer by any means, but I'm planning to edit it a bit (and change the title) before continuing. Until then,  I'm working a shorter (but still good sized) novel. I'...
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Hello, Dreamer

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Description: Witches have been disregarded as nothing more than a myth, a fairy tale to frighten children -- Dakota Bell is proof of the opposite. As she begins to make sense of her ancient lineage while in a peculiar, ne...


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