I'm Tasha ,born in Irlend ,then moved the america 

I like the name Allie ,so that name will show in soom of my stories,like a sister of liams ,harry,louis,naill,or even harry

I have an Irish acten ,that lost of peoplr think I am faking (which hurt my feelings alot)

I'm 14 now just did YA

I ship Niam, but i ship the other but not as much

I have a twin who name is Kimmy

I live in oklhoma ,small state if you ask me

I'm going to do when I can cause we all realy started school a week ago so if I don't by the time that I said I would then I sorry

My dad is not Irish ,but he is fully mexican ,so I'm half mexican.

My mom is Irish,germany ,and Dutch.

I'm now a leagly citzen of the state so I'm happy

I have 9 brothers and sisters, 3 brothers and 6 sisters

that is all you need to know

O and one more thing, i stay true to my fans i never lie to you :)
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Hey, I'm Back B*tches, and I'm here to stay
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Description: Allie is 16,........................and pregnant ,as well as her friend Harmony. Not only that ,but guess who the fathers are. As Allie and Harmony find out who the fathers of their children. Their life become...


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