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I write on my free time and whenever I'm inspired. I love bringing character's to life and enjoy reading stories from others. Please enjoy my works while I enjoy writing them for you.

Currently studying fashion merchandising~~

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Description: Having divorced parents isn't a perk. To Irene, it was unbearable to constantly hear them argue about absurd things with her as the subject. Including when it was her mother starting most of the arguments. After moving in with her father, she starts...

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Let Us Eat Cake

Let Us Eat Cake

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Alison is allergic to strawberries. She just doesn't know it yet. Her parents sworn her off of sweets, a...

"This is unacceptable," Robert still has the audacity to laugh. "You can't expect us to be okay with this. Look, maybe you're just confused. God can forgive you, he can if you come with us now-"
To the people who said God didn't make people like this or they're just confused and will come to terms when they meet God, etc. I just wish people would stop. Sometimes I believe in God, and others I don't because of so much bad in this world that people just say it's a phase God has given me to go through etc which I do not believe. The bible was made by man. So homosexuality must've been seen wrong by man. Adam and Eve were supposedly the first man and woman on earth but if they didn't eat from that tree they wouldn't have seen each other and cover themselves with leaves and have sex with each other and made more human beings. And why should a gay be confused their entire love life and when they 'go to heaven' have to say that they were wrong about being gay to God just to be let into heaven? That's just wrong and stupid. They are not confused. Just like everyone says, 'God made us.' So to the gay and lesbians, he made you that way because he knew you would turn out that way with a loving heart. He made everyone with a loving heart knowing exactly the life choices they would make.

She shouldn't have went behind my back and kissed Jax. She shouldn't have continued the relationship with him even after I found out about it. She shouldn't have told me she loved him.
@BombshellChick same here. I will NEVER give a cheater a second chance because if he/she was sorry why do it in the first place? And if whatever made you do it in the first place, what makes you think you won't do it again? Plus it'll mess up my trust issues and so much more. It's not healthy.
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He does. His lips cover mine as he rolls on top of me, pressing me to the mattress as his hands outline my body and then slide up my shirt. Fires break out where he touches and the heat of him consum...
I actually don't mind the morning breath bc if you like each other etc, they don't care about morning breath (lol I asked this to my brother and his fiancé and they don't care)
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"It means," his smile stretches till his dimples show, and he licks his lips and slides his head closer to mine. "Dates and real talks and whatever else it is that people in relationships do. Whateve...
And so many doubted him -cries-
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"I want it to be." It's barely a whisper and I'm frozen in the space of his next breath, waiting for more. "I want to do better, for you. I want to try."
Holding back a squeal while I'm in college