The voice of the quietest has the power to shake the entire world.

Your life is a story that is being written every single day. It is the story that started long before your first breath of amniotic fluid, before your first heartbeat. It is the story of you. You are not without purpose. There is a reason for you being alive in this moment in time. You may not see it now, but there is a master plan specifically designed for you.

a quick note: i am currently editing 'what it takes' as some things i thought were fine back when i had originally wrote it, i no longer agree with. i do not want to promote abusive/manipulative relationships as what takes place in that book, so please, read at your own discretion and take it with a grain of salt as of now. more of a lesson than a life manual. i had written it as purely entertainment but that entertainment needs to be revised and redone into something that expresses for what i stand for. i also recommend reading all of my books with this in mind, as some go a little too far in some areas and the goal is to provide better books, not stumbling blocks. i am in the process of deciding what to do with these books/parts as well, so please read responsibly. if my books are being an issue to you or you feel like they aren't good for you to read, please discontinue reading them; i am perfectly okay with that. i know what works for some people might not work for others.

thanks for reading, and i hope you have a lovely day, lovely. ❤️
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Daughter of War

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Description: It isn't so much of a war as fought with weapons & militant planning as it is a bloodbath, a manipulative game of cat & mouse—“Who will survive the longest?”—, hiding secrets, burying bones, letting fear win, trying to unsee things you know you saw...

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He Hears All

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YouHadMeAt_Believe commented on Roses of White - Chapter I

I said to myself, Elsie, there is a gentle little creature who needs guidance, and you are the one to guide her. God gave me a job and I’s sure not one to walk out on it. What will I tell Him when I...
Goodness, Elsie, don't make me cry. :") That's so sweet of you.
@izzierose13 @izzierose13 aww. That is so awesome! ^_^ 
      I know, it is such a blessing to find good Christian authors who write good stuff! 
      Oh my goodness, really? :D that's so great! (Is that title by chance from The Letter Black's song, "Hanging On By A Thread"? Just had to ask because my sister loves that band haha)
      Thank you for reading and enjoying it! God bless you beyond all measure and fill your cup up overflowing with his goodness, love, and creativity, in Jesus' name, amen. You go, girl! :D Have an amazing day filled with lots of laughter and smiles too! ^_^ 
I was so inspired by your works! I finished If She Does in just a couple days! I love finding Christians on here, because you don't have to worry about profanity at all. I just wanted to say that. After reading your books, I decided to write Hanging by a Thread. So thank you. And have a blessed day!♡