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a quick note: i am currently editing 'what it takes' as some things i thought were fine back when i had originally wrote it, i no longer agree with. i've taken this book down to re-edit it. i do not want to promote abusive/manipulative relationships as what takes place in that book. i also know that what i used to be okay with and wrote in some of my books, isn't what i agree with now. if anything in my books is not okay with what God is leading you to read, please stop reading. i do not want to aid in anything harmful. always read books with a grain of salt, mindful of your standards. thank you, lovelies. ❤️
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YouHadMeAt_Believe YouHadMeAt_Believe Oct 26, 2015 08:01AM
Does anyone have any good suggestions for clean fiction? Clean as in no foul language, no sexual scenes, etc.? I have looked for quite a bit but *sigh* good books can be hard to find. It is like they...
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Prayers Of The Orphans

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Description: One single moment of violence. A breath away from murder. She had never thought that her hands would almost kill a man. Avila didn't remember exactly what happened that day. All she knew was that she woke up...


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