I'm just as human as everyone else. Laugh, talk(not all have a voice tho), cry, scream, smile.   

A lost soul, I envy those who have found themselves. Those who have been mugged by social aspects, but we're able to take back what was theirs.

Those whom are able to embrace their own self being without feeling the weight of the earth.

Those who have fallen in battle, your bravery shell not be forgot.

Those who can care for others, but feel as if there is no time for themself.

The open minders, that see the world for what it truly is.

The optimistic ones, whom can only see that good of others.

Those who can see the dangers of the human race. The inhumane.

Those whom are able to accept others and all their every differences and misfit qualities.

The ones who see their own flaws. There is no other that sees their own flaws better than themself.

Those who have proven to be decent human beings. We don't have enough of such people.

Those who have the ability to hide smiles under clouds.

Or those who have the ability to hide clouds under smiles.

The hardworkers.

The believers.

The haters.

The heart aches.

The streams of tears.

The ones in pain.


I am not about to tell you to love yourself, because people don't change people. One simply learns to accept changes. It is MUCH easier said than done.

We all suffer in the worst of ways in this world....What can we do?

But to give up, should not be a choice. The best we can do is fight. "For when one is cornered by adversity, one must either choice to fight or flight "__ unknown.
The choice is in your hands.
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Hello. I've co.e to reassure that Im not gone. Or giving up on my books. I'm just so mentally drained and I don't k ow what to do with my life any more.  There's been many times where I thought of gi...
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