I have a made a twitter account, mostly because I scared a lot of people when I went MIA and wattpad kind of sucks at notifications. And I suck at notifying life-stuff. That and also, me and Editor-chan have these funny conversations sometimes that we don’t know where to put, lolololol. I’ll also write some mini-theater snippets of Tanaka and the rest in between updates. They’re really short, but they’ll help me keep out of writer’s block.
          	This is solely for my stories and other related content. It’s also for those who don’t have a wattpad or didn’t want to follow me on wattpad. Because my schedule is inconsistent, it’s probably not fun having to check back and forth on wattpad to see if I have updated. You can find me @ArutoYoho.


@YohoAruto  I saw your twitter and thought 'Here you go some fanart'


@YohoAruto seem like I need to also make one just to follow you hahha btw thanks for the update! 


@ YohoAruto  ❤


Dear author sama
          Please update soon 
          I don’t know how long I can manage without my tanaka dose of fluff
          Please please please pretty please with a  on top ??????


Hello there, I’d just like to start of by saying that I love your stories and mostly the Lazy life one. Secondly if you don’t mind me asking but how old is Amir in the “Please Let Me Live a Lazy Life” story? Considering Tanaka is now 13(?) And everyone seems to ship him with Amir, I just want to make sure we’re not condoning ourself into p*dophilia 


Hey author-sama! I really like reading your stories especially "Please let me live a lazy life". I hope you update soon in it! ^0^