Of all David Bowie's albums from the 1970s, 'Yodageddon' is probably his least well-known. It is a concept album - a space rock opera, even - and it is said that Bowie was so off his head during its creation that, even to this day, he still thinks of it as nothing more than a recurring dream. 

The album told the story of two unlikely heroes: Arnold J. Rimmer (from 'Red Dwarf') and Marianne Dashwood (from 'Sense and Sensibility'). Having run away from her husband - the stultifying Colonel Brandon, whose resemblance to Severus Snape is uncanny - Marianne has taken refuge in a pub on Mars, where she is informed she can stay the night. She is anxious, she is frantic, she is fraught with worries; but she is also filled with excitement. After two years of conjugal incarceration, she has broken free, and is making her own life. Troubles appear to crowd in from all sides; but the future is fizzing with promise.

It is in this tempestuous state of mind that Marianne first sees him: Rimmer, lead singer of the holographic rock band that is providing the pub with live music that evening. It is, of course, love at first sight; and he, in turn, spotting her in the crowd, makes up a brand new song on the spot, in which he declares his spontaneous love for her.

Thereafter, the album details their joys and travails, as they seek to realize their love for each other. Of course, it all ends in tragedy; but also with new life, and hope. Marianne and Rimmer have a child together: the eponymous Yodageddon.

It has long been speculated by Bowie fans that the album 'Yodageddon' was intended to be a double-album: Disc 1, which still exists, concerning the story mentioned above; Disc 2, which is now lost, concerning the life of the son, Yodageddon.

In fact, the truth is slightly more complex. Disc 2 was never 'lost', per se. Rather, it was sucked into a black hole; in the pressure of which it mutated, and became...

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