Hello :)
A Blond has wrotee this and ze followingg ^o^
I hope you all like my storys (that Im starting)
Here are some things I like. .. .
Bruno Mars
Justin Bieber
+more. . .

RaNdOm StUfF:)
Mexico >.<
I dye my hair. . .AlOt
Writing ;)
Making People Laugh (i tend to do it alot.)
Im dumb :/

Your still reading . . . I like you 10% more now xD

Well anyways my name is amy, call me Beans :)

I <3 puppies
I'll add moree laterr I dont feel likee typin anymoree
Buh Byee
P.S. I fan bak...... Only if your kool
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    I'll tell you when I get there :D
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    Feb 03, 2012 01:31PM

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