More of a seasoned author now, I have 8 books on Amazon now!  One has even been on the best seller list!  I have tried several genres and found I enjoy them all.  I think the key is I am writing for myself and hoping I will find an audience.  It's always a bonus when you can pay a few bills with the royalties but I think most authors would agree, a satisfied reader is priceless.

I have a new serialized story on my website, Capt. Lanie Romein, A.K.A The Ice Queen

It's about a young girl who has a night of passion with a man from another planet. Her goal is to make plans to head for the stars to find him. Her journey takes her in many directions, and on many exciting adventures.
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YezallStrongheart YezallStrongheart Aug 07, 2012 11:14AM
I don't have much here.  I have three stories with chapter reads on this site: 
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The Air Ship, The Time Jump, and The Mummy

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Description: Miram's Uncle is in the service of Union of States, most of his job is secret. Miram longs to follow her uncle on one of his adventures. See what happens when they go in search of a Mummy! (Each chapter will...

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Captain Lanie Romein, A.K.A. The Ice Queen

Captain Lanie Romein, A.K.A. The Ice Queen

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Lanie is visited by a man from outer space, and after a night of passion he is gone. She waits for him...

Windswept War of the Elements

Windswept War of the Elements

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Zylena is a girl who controls the wind but her life is hardly her own. Leaving her small village, she tr...

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Story Reading List