- My name is whatever you wanna call me, or YaBoiSero, idc
- My Insta is @bitxhsero if you wanna follow.
- I am a Gemini ♊
- I identify as a girl but I'm totally fine is you say: dude, man, bro, etcetera. I won't get offended.
I'm a bit crazy so don't mind me! I love anime, webtoon, webcomics, n yaoi!! I am a multi-shipper, so if you don't get what I mean, I mean I ship the same person even with someone else tho I do ship them with another.

I am a Superwholockian! Welcome fellow Superwholockians

I love Supernatural. My ships: Destiel, Samifer, kinda ship Sabriel, and a bit of Michifer please don't kill me. Also, rip Adam, he's always forgotten XD

Sherlock is very stressful and yes to Johnlock. 👌

I watch Lucifer as well. Luci x Chloe is my main ship. Also Charlotte x Detective Douche(Dan), Amenadiel x Linda.

I watch Doctor Who too so yeet 👌 fav Doctors are the 9th, 10th, 11th, and the War Doctor.

Good Omens. Crowley x Aziraphale for life!

I've not seen the anime, but I want to. Mo Dao Zu Shi or Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. Watching the live-action: The Untamed. My ships are Wangxian and Xicheng

I love BnHA. Some of my ships are: TodoDeku, BakuDeku, Bakushima/KiriBaku, KamiSero, Erasermic

ONE PIECE!! Zoro is HOT!

I've watched Haikyuu a few times. My ships are a bit complicated in Haikyuu, so I'll just tell you a few: IwaOi, AsaNoya, KageHina, AtsuHina, KuroTsukki, DaiSuga, BokuAka, and many more

I've seen Kuroko's Basketball. My ships are super complicated. You don't even wanna know

Black Clover is the Shit!

Bleach is one of my favorite anime's. I've watched it from start to finish 4 times now. Yes, that means the fillers as well.

I watch AoT/SnK. I ship Ereri but if you ship Erwin x Levi that's cool too.





Inuyasha fan right here bois!!

Naruto :3
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