This is a kind and safe environment for anyone and everyone. We are a family here. We care for each other. Let's support and help each other through anything, cause that's what we do

This is @i_am_the_depressu's Yana project account, this profile is made for anyone and everyone that needs to talk or need an extra push in life to get them through thick and thin.

I will write books filled with pick-me-ups, jokes, and memes for anyone that needs a good laugh or some inspiration!

Please tag this profile where ever you feel it's necessary, and if there is someone on another website that needs someone, try and talk to them, or give them either this account name or give them this email:

Thank you and remember, You Are Not Alone 💜💙💜♥️💙❤️
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this is a book filled with memes for anyone and everyone that needs a good laugh. Please visit this profile i...