Hey! I'm Alex! Of course I'm a girl! Im like right in the middle of tomboy and girly girl. I don't think 2000 characters is enough can I add another 10,000 to it?
Taken by the sweetest guy ever
Nerd? I prefer the term intellectual bad ass :)
I can speak sarcasm, Spanish, English, and German.
Warning: I can't flirt for my life. Yep I'm weird. Haha.
We're stuck in an era of smart phones and stupid people
Video games rock! (Though I suck at some. I always die like 8000 times in CoD black ops)
I'm a bit crazy. (A bit is an understatement. There's an asylum by my house and my mom joked about sending me their once. I don't think she was really joking though....)
Totally off topic but when Chinese people walk in to an American store do they say "I made this!"?
I don't randomly fan; I only fan if I read through your about me and see that it's awesome. Or I've read your work. Either one
I can play guitar, violin, drums, and keyboard. And according to everyone else "I'm a great singer with a nice vibrato" (even though I think I'm a horrible singer)
I do karate! And track, and cheerleading.
I currently live in Colorado.
My favorite song is "Welcome To My Life" by Simple Plan
My favorite color is..... I can't decide
I have brown eyes
I have brown hair with natural blonde highlights.
I'm 5'5 (I know. I'm super short....)
I love bands and singers such as The Wanted, Evanescence, All Time Low, Three Days Grace, CAKE, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Natalia Kills, Eminem, Linkin Park, Drake, GREEN DAY, THE FRAY, OneRepublic, Demi Lovato,Yellowcard, etc....
Football is my favorite thing to watch on Sundays, but my dad is like the only guy on the planet who hates it.
My cookie (::)
You better no steal me cookie
Go fan @TamaraStanisic she's my best friend in real life. Who's able to put up with my awesomeness!
If I had a British accent I would never shut up

~Alex Anne
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