My name is [Alex]

I'm probably just a sexually confused piece of trash that doesn't even know their own gender.

I take place in fandoms. Read some random fanfictions and you'll most likely find my username in the comments.

I won't go over all the fandoms I take part in, but I doubt WattPad would like that long of a description..

huh WattPad, more like; WATT THE FAK AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE

I like to pretend I'm a seal at times and scream and wail on the local subway.

Friends: Alex, I saw somebody I think you might know *shows picture of them with

I would go outside, but you have to walk to get food, and I'm lazy af.

I met and saw Dan and Phil live on; 4/29/16

I saw 5 seconds of summer live on; 7/24/16

I went to warped tour on 6/13/16

I'm seeing Twenty One Pilots live on; 8/16/16

I'm seeing Melanie Martinez live on; 8/17/16

I'm going to Connor Franta's Photography Camp on 8/26/16- 9/1/16

Stalk Me Here:

YouTube: Alexisafailure
Instagram: Alex.Lammens
Twitter: Alexisafailure
Snapchat: Alexisabeanbean

Private DM if you need to talk :)
I'm pretty much always online.
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    in a cardboard box outside Starbucks
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Description: i get bored easy, and i rant about my life and other things here.

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