My name's Copper! (Well that's my nickname anyway, my close friends call me Rusty )

I speak five languages fluently (English, Italian, German, French and Spanish)<-- I learned them in that order (I grew up in an Italian/German household, I learned French on a 3 month road trip when I was bored and Spanish is basically a second language in Florida so you have to keep up with it and I'm currently working on Russian)

I'm a dedicated Starkid, Joe Walker is my future husband and Joey Richter is a genius (I'm not worthy)
Harry Potter is my life <3
I'm an insomniac (yawn) Longest I've gone without sleeping is 6 days
My favorite bands are Young the Giant and My Chemical Romance
I'm a neat freak and a perfectionist
I WILL burst into song if I feel a situation is awkward.
I'm sarcastic and always speak my mind.
I'm a major tomboy
I play on a boys high school varsity baseball team. (I'M A GIRL)
I am a ginger :P (Hence the nicknames)
People for some reason want to tell me all their problems even though I haven't asked. (Professional secret keeper right here)

*How I met my best friend Joan*
(Mom shows me a dress she wants me to try on)
Me- I can't wear that! People would laugh at me more than if I was sorted into Hufflepuff!
Joan- (Stops what's she's doing and stares at me) "If I were gay, we'd be soulmates."
*It's been 7 years and we haven't looked back*

And that's pretty much all there is to me, By the way I DO make book covers so if you need one you know where to find me.
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