Hi! You can call me Swifty! :)

I'm quite an interesting character... As for such, I don't label myself. People tend to call me a tomboy, punk and sometimes a geek. Me? I call myself, me.

About me? I love to write... It's been a hobby of mine for years now and I like to see how i've improved over the years. I love music, some of my favourite singers/bands are Lights, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Um I can name a lot but I won't because that would bore you! X3

My favourite colour is black, my favourite animal... I love them all for different reasons, my favourite movie, hm... probably either Gladiator, The Avengers... Oh too many! My dream is to become an author, and i'm not giving up. :)

If you comment i'll try and get back to you asap!

-Swifty <3
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XxSwiftyxX XxSwiftyxX Jan 05, 2014 07:23AM
Hey guys, I haven't been on since, what... June or something? I apologise deeply for no updates for 'Oh Love', and no nothing at all. Thanks so much for all the love for 'Oh Love', it really makes me...
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one night (Jack Barakat Fan Fiction)

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Description: He's visiting the city on business. She's visiting purely on leisure. Somehow the pair wound up into all sorts of experiences together on one night in the nation's capital, Washigton DC.


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