Hi guys! Just somethings about me ^-^

Name: hmm... Let's just say... In Korean it's, Kwon Jae Un and in Japanese it's Setsuna Yoshida ^-^... Okay never mind... Just call me Ann since that's my nickname XD

(Real name is a secret :3)

Age: Lol you'll never know (lolol what kind of information is this when I don't even tell you my real name and age? XD)

Birthday: Dec. 25. I'm serious. Dead Serious

Hobbies: Drawing, Playing Tennis, Playing musical instruments, and writing stories here in wattpad

Dere: I'm kind of a Tsundere :3... But kind of a Yandere at the same time but I SWEAR I DUN KILL EM XD

Kinds of book I write: K pop x Reader, Anime x Reader, Tsundere x Reader, Yandere x Reader, Kuudere x Reader, or OCx OC

Please follow @squadchan it's a group where there are four members including me.

By the way I'm a high school student :3... And studying is SO DAMN HARD!!

If you want to request then please tell me and I will gladly do your request ^-^

Please always know, each and everyone of my follower:

Korean: Sarrangheyo ^^

Japanese: Daisuki ^^

Filipino: Mahal kita^^

English: I love you ^^

(It's called google translate bruh XD)

Okay that's all good bye~
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