Okay, here is @ey_its_austin_here 's big brother. 

Even if he's not here, anymore.

Its Christmas in CA right now, and its alot different without you. Mom wont let anyone sit in your chair. You know,the one that you claimed saying it "belonged" to you when you were four? With your initials carved into it, and the butterscotch candy stuck to the bottom of it since you wanted to save it for later. I remember you punched me in the arm just for sitting in that chair.

But now its nothing but an empty chair.

And Mom also made that special pudding you always loved. Chocolate chip and vanilla swirl. Your absolute favorite meal wasn't it?

Sis is asking me about you right now. She even got you a present. It was a stuffed unicorn, with rainbow hair. She asked me if santa claus could bring you back. I didnt know what to say.

Christmas is alot different without you, but we'll pull through.
Merry Christmas Austin.
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@thexrealxme Goodbye. I'll see you in...a while.
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