Thanks to @cadburyandcupcake for the awesome cover for On The Run Part 1.


I loved ur book Dumped ... It is simply amazing. Actually I was hoping that there will be a sequel for dumped,  I was disappointed when I found that there is no sequel for it .Can you please write a sequel ...please 


Sorry for the typos,I love your book,and if u see any nurse doing anything as disgusting as having s*x in their place of work,they r just someone in uniform


I really live ds book,I am an ardent fan of wattpad,I stumbled across ur book and I'm so glad I read it but I'd like to point out something,I am a Nigerian and a nurse,its not too pleasant to paint nurses as sluts,I've read a lot of wattpad stories dt did dt,its not true and its very demeaning, nurses are conscientious people who work tirelessly to make people happy,so pls in ur future writings,if u can't say anything good about us,pls leave nurses out of 'slutty' references,its completely degrading reading abt nurses having affairs in their places of work and on duty for dt matter,if u av seen anyone do dt,the person is not a nurse,just as men be in uniform to cover up their disgusting habit.As I said earlier,I love ur book and I'm searching ur profile for other ones to read,and to other writers reading this,please take note,proudly a nurse and will forever be.I'm a Yoruba girl,an ethnic group in Nigeria,love u babe.


Hello ! I really love your book 'Dumped' and it was amazing, beautifully well-written story *pardon my grammar* I really like the way you plotted your story and the unexpected climax and twist ... i really enjoyed the story .. i think this is one of the most realistic and un-cliche book i've ever read .. glad to read your story 

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