If you're reading this, chances are you've stumbled into this amazing, awesome, cute, and ugh account. You see I suck at writing bios(Say I don't you idiot, smh). I'm weird. I think you've guessed that already, but I was just assuring your assumptions. Talk shít about any of my fandoms, and I'll cut your head and feed you to Becky. Becky who? Non of your business, don't get nosy you Grasshole.

•24/7 on Tumblr and Wattpad(Got no life✌🏻😂)
•Taken. My refrigerator and i make a cute couple🙃
•Supernatural -MY BABIES SAM AND DEANN😭❤️-
•The Vampire Diaries -Delena forever✌🏻-
•HIMYM - Suit up👈🏻-
•Melanie Martinez - Crybaby duhh💧❤️-
•Lana Del Rey -Slay me Queen👏❤️-
•Tøp |-/ Our clique is lit😊-
•Riverdale -Jughead my babyy❤️-
•The Flash -Grant Gustin😍-
•iZombie -Liv✌🏻❤️-
•Orphan Black -I'm gonna kill them all🙃-
•The Neighborhood -My boys❤️-
•Arctic Monkeys -R u mine? Do I wanna know?❤️-
•Blackbear -Drink bleach😊❤️-
•Baby Daddy -Bonnie😂❤️-
💨That's it💨
Are you feeling....


(I've been waiting way too long to do it🙃😂).

And this bio sucks, thank you for your attention. May my unicorns bless you🦄 I'm out *Drops mic*Okay, nvm that shít is expensive*picks up mic* Oh and if you've any good memes, share them. Be nice. I'm officially out.
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