Hello. I am just going to tell you a bit about me. (Seeing it is the 'About me' box)

Just too warn you, I am a bit crazy. I am an average (but really weird)15 year old girl and I love to draw. (But I am not really good at it.) I can be really random but I think (and hope) I am a good friend.

I am Chinese but I live in the UK. I speak 3 languages fluently and I am learning Spanish and French.I absolutely LOVE reading but writing, not so much. I do have an imagination, but I just cant put it down on paper. (Or in this case, my laptop.) I am rubbish at writing, so I apologize if my work doesn't make any sense to you. Sometimes I wonder if I am even human.

Now more to the personal stuff...

Favourite animal: Dogs. Definitely Dogs
Dream job: Homicide detective. Or just a normal detective. Either way works for me.
Favourite food: Um.... Probably... nice food? I really don't know.
Talent: Being weird and awkward.
Favourite subject: Art
Height: Don't know. Maybe 1metre 60?
Favourite colour: Blue

I am an absolute Otaku (ie. Someone who is obsessed with anime and manga!)

If you like anime/manga, come and have a conversation with me sometime!

Well, I think that is enough info. Have a good day. (Or night, afternoon. Whatever)


P.S I'm an Aquarius. if you're interested.
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@Plain-and-Simple Thank you. They're really cute aren't they? 
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