First off My name is Najila and im 18 years old.

I like to read. (well that's and understatement I LOVE TO READ!!!) So if you have any suggestions of a good book or a book that you wrote and want me to read it, Please tell me!! :D I am a really fun person to be around and I like making new friends so don't hesitate to talk to me.

I also like to write and to help others with their writing. SO if you ever need someone to proof read your work don't hesitate to ask me. it would be my pleasure. :D

I will be writing my first book on Wattpad with my best friend PandaWithAPencil (FAN her!) so look out for my first story Coming Soon!!!! :D I really hope that it will be good and that you guys enjoy reading it when i publish for you all to read.

My first story with my best friend PandaWithAPencil is now up. Check out "Playing with Fire and Ice" By Najila and Daniela.

<3 ~Lila
P.S I'm a huge One Direction Fan :D
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@honey731 I'm so sorry for getting back so late. I've been m.i.a on wattpad for a while. But it's a pretty easy website. All you have to do is click the genre you like and search away. This is an ama...
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Playing with Fire and Ice (under intense editing)

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Description: ~A story made in collaboration with Daniela (PandaWithAPencil) ~We each write a chapter for our character ~Daniela (PandaWithAPencil)= Luis's POV Najila (XxLila2015xX)= Claire's POV Claire and Luis live...


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