This is a joint account for two best friends who are so alike that we consider ourselves twins.

We are absolutely crazy according to anyone who knows us and we are obsessed with reading. We have a best friend who is just as crazy as us and is kirstys stalking buddy :)

Kirsty is the writer who is constantly in her own world and is obceossed with music. Shes insane and belongs in a mental institution for her obsessions with ninja spoons. Mess with her friends and you will find yourself through the nearest window and straight into a hospital.

And Sophie is the poet/musician who cant seem to be able to write lyrics to songs despite the two points previously mentioned. She is amazing at all her subjects but fails to have the ability to be punctual. Throw something at her and about 99% of the time she will either mess it or drop it.

We have started posting a book that we wrote based on crazed daydreams that started while on a paper-round and haven't stopped. It's called 'Dragged Into the Past We Didn't Know We Had.' please read, comment and post! Our name 'XxJDMIKxX' is actually based on two of our main characters, Jasmine Davian Lynne and Maya Isabelle Kane.Also try our new book `Only fate decides...or does it?` its about... well, if u wanna know, then you`re going to have to read it.

This is the SANE was of describing us. we like to keep the sanity behind the scenes so if u wanna risk it message us. If u like remaining sane then WARNING! Like warning signs ever work but oh well dont say we didnt tell u so ;) :P

Well that's about all you need to know about us for now I guess ;)
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Stories by Sophie and Kirsty
Only Fate Decides...Or Does It? by XxJDMIKxX
Only Fate Decides...Or Does It? Teen Fiction
“I'd just jump if I were you. You might not know where your going to land but it's worth the risk.” Have you ever hated someone so much you wish they could drop dead? That’s how I feel about Nate Matthews. He's t...
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