I've been reading on Wattpad for over five years now and it's time I write something of my own. It may take me the next ten years to finish it. But I have ideas. And I can't wait to throw them up and serve them to you.

If you ever see anyone posting my stories on their account and claiming it as their own please inform me. I mean the stories are sort of nonexistent rn but they are in the Works I promise.

Also, I have a reading list of my favourite stories on Wattpad, that are just amazing. Only a few of them will be paid, as some of them turned like that after I read them, but if they're on the reading list I assure you they are brilliant.

Hm, what can I tell you about me?
My birthday is on 4th March
I live in London
I love to read (duh)
Favourite shows - Grey's, The Bodyguard (Richard Madden is life, fight me)
I love Sushi and everything Japanese
Traveling is something I'm obsessed with

Anyway, keep reading ya'll and remember


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