{I just realized how cheesy and shameful our intro was..It was bullshit tbfh xD really tho -Lou}
Ew you. Go away mothafucker. You've stumbled to our page.
You made a wrong choice but seriously
Back off bitch.

Kik tho (bc high demand, o.) : xxDirty_1Dxx

Louis [Inactive Forever]
To whoever was important to me;
I love you.
I'm sorry.

21 Years Old
he's my one and only
♡ Xavier James Malik ♡ 31/10/13 ♡

Im 20! I feel old..
I love our fans, especially you there :)
I only need my friends tho cx

20!! Gahh, Im getting old!!
Bisexy ;D
Basically taken by this lovely girl
She's really sweet

This guy is 19!!
I'm bisexuallll
I love our fans and I love you :)
Im engaged :D Love you Sarah @1DirectionBoys
PM me Xx

Im 19! And yeah...xD
Engaged to the most wonderful person there; ily baby
Gay and loveable, aw
Bishes be wanting this sexiness cx
You know you wanna talk to meh

21! But please, call me Leo cx
Taken by my boo c:
He's my little teddy bear
I want him and only him, aw
{ ღRaven tho ღ}

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