Were you unsatisfied with the ending of "Death's Child"? Did you cry? A lot?
          	Well good news, I made an alternate ending that's much more happier (though it's not cannon. Think of it as fanfiction). It's in the "Death's Restricted Chapters" and I just uploaded it. 
          	Hope you like it and happy reading,


You can be a fan by following me. I believe that's all it takes to read a book that's on "private". Beyond that, Im not sure (I'm not Wattpad's IT department) 


How can I read death's restricted chapters? How can i be a fan?


Hey there Caroline , I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving me such a wonderful experience via death's trilogy. Such a unique story and oh so worth my time . Loads of luck to you for your future.


Which book should I read first in death's trilogy? I mean which one is the 1st part?


Hey Caroline 
          My name is Suvaiba and I'm from India
          Ur descriptions are quite beautifully written and I couldn't help but post it for u to know.
          They intrigued me a lot .
          Hopefully the books will be as good.
          So here I go on to reading 


Hello XcHocolateXluver, I am a new writer to Wattpad but a follower of yours for years now, I was hoping you wouldn't mind taking a look at some of my poetry and letting me know what you think. If you could it would be much appreciated, thank you. :')


Hi I was just wondering are you going to continue new life anytime soon? I know you wrote it a while back but 3 chapters aren’t enough!


Yes, I have plans for “New Life” but my personal life has recently taken over (since I just graduated from undergrad and preparing for grad school now). I have several people ask me about this book though and I don’t want to disappoint  them so I’m thinking of making an effort to update it as soon as possible (I don’t know how often I’ll update though)