The only reason why im on the internet is Monsta X.
This is real pinky promise

A Monbebe
A Soft one

I love and will love Monsta X with all the love I've got as long as I'm breathing.

I love Hyungwon with all of me,
but im secretly inlove with Kihyun and also indenially inlove with Wonho.
Im Changkyun is my BABY.
Shownu is my ultimate favorite Leader, he is like the bestest and a giant squishy teddy bear for me ^^.
Jooheon is the cutest among all the cutes in the whole wide world. (Best rapper)
Minhyuk is the sunshine and a happy pill i needed and this whole fandom in life.

I hope a lot of people will love and support them too ^_^
They are great and talented and super nice and really down to earth person.
You really won't regret if you Stan them I promise

And also the fandom Monbebe/Monfam is really nice!! ^_^

But if you try to hurt them or make them feel sad or anything ...
I will come for you carrying Kihyun in my back to give you a super duper powerful ddakbam that can take alllll the shits out of you 😊
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