I'm just a sarcastic-ass antisocial emo girl * drops mic*

Okay since you're still being a creepy little stalker I'll tell you
I'm (none of your freaking concern age). You might find some sneak comments about my age though.

You DON'T want to see me in real life. I literally look a ghost. I'm as pale, maybe even paler than Suga. And I have golden yellow eyes. Like those Twilight people. In other words, I look like Orochimaru, but just.....Dare I say, prettier and feminine looking

My name is Hinata. Yeah that's my actual name.

I'm Half-Japanese

I'm Hidan's daughter bish

I'm an otaku

I BARELY ever leave my room..or house for that matter...

See those snobbish high class 'pink' girls who like to flip their weave........DON'T TRY IT.

I am an ARMY.My bias is Jin.Don't like him,Idgaf.He's an amazing person with a beautiful voice(and looks) and he works hard.Why write hurtful comments about him? .Remember..BTS isn't BTS without all 7 members.Tbh,I would say that my bias is:All of them.The other members are always wrecking my bias list -.-

I leave some crazy and ridiculous ass comments about stuff and how f*cked up and tortured my life is so....yeah don't take me too seriously

I'm cold,irritable, and immortal, so I hate mortal humans. Except you internet people ,who are better friends than these..... Humans

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