Hola! Ok so pretty new to this site so don't be harsh for lack of stories(please and thank you!)..anyways, about me..hmm..where to start? Well, i am a proud music addict, mostly into alternative, screamo, and rock but there is som rap and rare country i listen to too. Im kind of a hopeless romantic and spend wayy too much time daydreaming, haha. Im a lil kid at heart and my friends complain that i hang out with kids more than i hang out with them (noooo...well, just because i babysit). Aren't lil kids the cutest things in the world tho?! Well them and old people, hahaha..a little off topic here...anyways usually im pretty friendly so hit me up if you need anything or just wanna chit chat :) i try to promote peace and positivity, funniest thing ever is someone came up to me at school andwas just like: "what drugs are you on that make you so friggen happy ALL THE TIME?!" Lol. I just laughed my ass off. Okkk..well thats all folks! Any questions? Please dont hesitate to ask :)
Au revoir lovelies!!
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