well..........hum what can i say.......*lightbulb*. hello my name is.... harrly potter?, yeah harrypotter (lol i have just seen the new movie XD) yeah.. where was I.. oh yeah so i have a big scar on my head cos this mean man put it there (omg i actuarly have a scar on my face ironic right) yeah so, i love the weaslys. ginny????? ok so mabye i am gay and love the twins but thay are amazing right !!!!!! lol so i shall say goodbye now and dont keep me wating for a goodbye back cos i will kill you like i did to the meaany voldimort :p (yey for madness!!!!!!!!!!!!)

lol that would be my RHANDOM PROLOG LOL anyway i am going to tell you abit about moi self........and if you are still reading the (cos if it was me i would ahve just ignored it lol XD) they WOOOOOOO I SHALL GIVE YOU A GOLD STAR!!!!!!!!!!!! ok here are my faves :P

Moi Faveriout music: (Love ma music)

30 Seconds To Mars
Asking Alexandria
Black Veil Brides
Bring Me The Horizon
Framing Hanley
Mayday Parade
Avenged Sevenfold
You Me At Six
Hollywood Undead

(yeah yeah i know you are eather think *awsome taste in music* ORRRRRRR *EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! not going to read you stiff anymore :P*)
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@BlackVeilBrides3 Hhahah yeah you should i get along with guys so well but with a school full of B76C43s its no fun :(
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