Hello I'm Midnight Sky. Most of my recent friends call me Midnight but my more older friends call me Sky. You can call me Sky or Midnight. If you call me Midnight you can use Mid for short. I'm a shy introverted tall weak girl that would rather stay inside her house all day then go outside with others. I love video games so I'm basically a gamer. I'm a huge fan of Nintendo. My favorite franchise is Splatoon as you probably already guessed by now. Another thing, I do have a YouTube channel but I'm not going to reveal it for any personal reasons. If you know my YouTube channel please stay silent about it and/or tell me. I don't want my Wattpad account to do anything with my YouTube account. Don't mention my Wattpad account on my YouTube channel either. Please and thank you.

Tell me your username before you friend me first cause I don't accept random friend requests this goes for every social I mention INCLUDES MY YOUTUBE -^-

My friend code for my switch is : "8433-4163-7233"
Discord: Mïdňight._.Škys💜� #3323

Faq (frequently asked questions):
Any other fandoms besides splatoon?:

Demon slayer, splatoon manga
Danplan, Hunter x Hunter,
Animal Crossing, Splatubers/Splatoon
and Gacha (Kinda?)

No. :)

Dec 8

Favorite food?:
Cookies. UwU 🍪🍪

Favorite character for splatoon manga?:
Prince 100000000000+ he's precious.

E. I'm not relieving my full name

Taken uwu

Yes actually. I'm Bisexual and Not 100% sure what my gender is, so call me anything. He/Him, She/her, They/them I don't care. feel free to unfollow if you want I don't care

I'm have 1 story out so far with 2 more on their way! Hope you check them out!

That's all for now. Bai you cookie.🍪
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Story by Midnight._.Sky
Feelings  by XMidnight_SkyeditzX
I May rewrite this story! I just don't know when. It'll have a new story and some things will change. I don't...
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