Sup peoples the name is Dexter alot of people call me Dex but i dont care what you call me so heres some stuff about me:

Im 17

Im gay and proud of it don't like it then go piss up a tree

I play hockey, basketball, lacross, marshal arts, boxing, restling and all those other awesome sports

I street fight, street race, dirt bike, fix cars, BMX, skateboard, quading, and hanging with my peeps

I drink

I have a bad past but i dont let that keep me down

am I single or am I not but youll never find out ;)

I have 3 tatts

i listen to heavy metal and screamo music :)

Now for my list of awesome people:

@XxWolffiexX who bugged me non stop to get an account on here i did it bc shes my bestestfriend in the world she may be a pain but shes one tough fiesty little girl

@Rose_BrKn_SmL cute and adorable and really awesome person to talk to

@WaKiNgDeMoN one hot sexxy beast =P

@TheNerdyGirl shes an awesome chick shes my wonderwoman =P

@XxHiddenShadow one crazy girl yeah cc you heard me i called you crazy see im not the only one crazzy hehehe :P

@DamienXX my awesome bro

@DestinLuvsSkittlez one sexxy badass daaammmnnn hes fine ;P
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liked your bio its cool that your open about being gay its annoying that people judge others by their sexuality its like hello they cant help go fuck yourself if you got a issue with it urggh now im ranting bye
Cool Bio
      It's awesome that you can proudly say that you're gay I admire you for that!
      One of my friends is gay 4 and Bi and 1 is a lesbian and they constantly get picked on! It pisses me off! I don't see what everyone get's so mad about! Personally I think gay guys make the best friends ever! Sorry I'm ranting.....lol
shaquillalanier posted a message to XDexterX
sup Dexter so i hear that your gay.and you love it oh yeah.it's ok to be gay i love gay people i thinks cool.tt here 20 people say that i don't look my age in they also say that i look like 14-15 yeah this is me