I'm a teenage insomniac. I write a lot so expect to see things up here eventually. 
I am a fifteen year old girl who has had a quite odd start to her life, and a quite odd brain to match it. I live in Indiana in the U.S., and I hope to become a police officer/detective or a full time writer when I'm older.
After moving schools, I hardly ever get to hang out with the only real friends I've had, so I make friends up in my stories;

{Fam-bam, if you see a character that reminds you of yourself its because I turned you into a character. I hope you all are cool with that LOL}

I mostly use wattpad to write a little bit of fanfiction, and a lot of original random crap about a lot or random crap, give me ideas if you want me to write something else!

Hope you like my stuff if not shut up I'm sorry, and leave the room that is my page!

Message me, please, if you feel like no one cares about you today. Or yesterday. Or the day before.
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