hmm...What about me? Well, I suppose it's safe to say that I'm a reader before a writer. Since I have moved to U.S., I've been addicted to the fictional worlds I escape to through the many stories I have read. The pleasure of reading, to me, comes above most things in my life, including sleep and food. Anyhow, reading, or my teacher rather, have led me to join the millions who keep creating the world to which I escaped to. It all started with essays that caught my teacher's attention, and since then, I never once doubted the passion I have for writing and reading.

Now a Junior in Celebratio High School, I write for our online newspaper (link at the bottom); It was the second best desicion in my life, the first being to enter a short story contest. Besides the two hobbies, I also love to draw anything and everything, my family, my friends, my awesome high school, and most of all, I love my Islamic faith and everything that comes along with it. With all this, and more, a girl couldn't ask for more.

LINK~~<3 http://www.celhs.osceola.k12.fl.us/6clubs/aftermath/aftermath.html
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Description: A couple of one-shots I will upload weekly. I seem to have problems with committing to big projects and stuff, so I decided to go with this idea, a lot more realistic. Anyhow, As the title suggest, they will based on true events, but with my own ver...

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